Colour Chart

Here is a full list of colours which we usually stock in 0.4mm thickness latex. If there's a colour you would like which isn't listed on product page options, please get in touch letting us know which item and what colour you would like so we can advise if it's possible. NOT ALL STYLES ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL COLOURS - Please check before ordering.
There is a surcharge for pearlsheen colours.

Standard Colours




 Damson Purple






Scarlet Red

 Chocolate brown


Baby Pink



Bubblegum Pink

Olive Green

Forest Green

Jade Green


Natural Green

Light Blue

Mid Blue

Royal Blue

Light Brown




Metallic Colours

Metallic Red Metallic Purple
Metallic Blue Metallic Silver
Metallic Black (petrol) Metallic Fuchsia
Metallic Pewter Metallic Peacock
Metallic Green

Pearlsheen Colours

Pearlsheen Purple Pearlsheen Blue
Pearlsheen Emerald Pearlsheen Silver
Pearlsheen Bronze Pearlsheen Gold
Pearlsheen Red Pearlsheen Pewter

 Pearlsheen Antique Gold


Pearlsheen Lilac

Transparent Colours

Translucent Blue Translucent Black
Translucent Natural Translucent Pink
Translucent Olive Translucent Lilac
Semi-transparent red Semi-transparent peach (was Flesh)
Semi-Transparent Mauve Semi-Transparent Green
Semi-Transparent Cloud Grey